Internal Quality Management in Competence-Based Higher Education (IQM-HE)

Modernisation is needed

The issues of competence-based teaching in institutions of higher education and its evaluation are coming increasingly into the focus of debate, especially in the European Union. This is also reflected by the “Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area” (ENQA, 2009), which were revised in 2015. Modernisation of quality management in competence-based higher education is needed.

High expertise

The project established an international strategic partnership to consider quality management measures suitable for use in institutions of higher education. By involving experts from within and outside institutions of higher education, a robust and trustworthy procedure for quality management was be developed in Year 1 of the project (2015/2016). Please find more information on the project team here.

A new procedure

The newly developed procedure, the IQM-Prodecure, is already published in a handbook. The handbook provides you with recent developments in higher educations quality management, with details on the IQM-Procedure and with information on how to implement the IQM-Procedure at a higher education institution. Download the handbook for free here.

The European Toolkit for Quality Managers

In Year 2 of the project (2016/2017), in addition to the handbook, material will be developed which helps persons in charge of quality management to implement the IQM-Proceudure. Additional material will include, for example, templates for questionnaires, reports, and workshops. The handbook and the additional material will be provided together in the forthcoming European Toolkit for Internal Quality Management in Competence-Based Higher Education.

Implementation and Dissemination

Furthermore, in Year 2 the IQM-Procedure will be implemented and tested at five higher education institutions. Please find more information on the implementation partners here.

In Year 3 of the project (2017/2018) we will widely disseminate the European Toolkit. We will keep you updated about upcoming events and activities.

The project started in September 2015 and will end in August 2018.